04-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

me looking f homework did for kid
cashier star wars lego kid me
sign shoutout remember childhood password cant remember password created yesterday
tomorrow twitter hg office space what would you say you do here
need leaf blower for people
biden carried by media academia mountain
mandate or not still wearing mask
borders democrats care about kenosha ukraine congress
facebook hours left 30 day ban
babylon bee musk twitter purchase fails votes found overnight
sheep what next shots ukraine lgbqt

Relax Liberal Fascists, Twitter is a Sliver

‘This Can’t Be Real’: MSNBC Host’s Take on Musk Taking Over Twitter Is…Pure Perfection – Matt Vespa

I really hope Elon Musk follows through on his pledges for allowing free speech and open sourcing the Twitter algorithms. At this point though, what’s the worst that could happen from Musk’s takeover? Could the censorship of libertarians and conservatives get any worse without a full scale war breaking out?

In the grand scheme though, Twitter is tiny. The $43 billion Musk paid is about 1/12th the side of Facebook’s $507 billion valuation, and that’s after the stock lost half its value in the recent stock drop. Google’s market cap is about $1.6 trillion, or 39 times the size of Twitter. Amazon’s market cap is roughly $1.5 trillion, Microsoft’s is over $2 trillion. Apple is over $2.6 trillion, or 61 times the size of Twitter. If you combine the values of these 5 leftwing tech titans, the valuation is roughly 200 times that of little old Twitter! But nothing short of monopoly power is good enough for the Left. They know even a speck of open debate will tear down all their arguments and break their stranglehold on power.

This isn’t over though. Look for Biden to summon whatever federal powers he can — FCC, SEC, anti-trust, executive orders, etc. — to stop this from happening, or at least come up with special rules that unelected government bureaucrats can use to selectively punish only Twitter.

tweet worst critics stay twitter thats what free speech means
liberals have to ban free speech to save democracy
liberals moving to canada spotify delete twitter account

Twitter Accounts for Tucker Carlson, Babylon Bee, Charlie Kirk, Mark Levin Now Active

Twitter Locks Changes to Site to Stop ‘Rogue’ Employees from Sabotaging Platform after Musk Buyout

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet media investigate libs tik tok disinformation not hunter laptop
tweet pepper spray attacked small talk people
tweet sleep deprivation debt entry level job college
tweet try dating apps appreciate being single

Quote of the Day

quote constant in life build something worth having someone try to take

Message of the Day

message enemy doesnt have to defeat you just distract you

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