04-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

her missed spot tunnel crash
fourth ape sees hears speaks nobody
office wife congratulating me cleaning trying sexy time
government taxes cake cutting
girls time machine granddaughter guys 2nd amendment
biden agenda fertlizer reserves
world economic forum kids dr evil
cnn reliable sources brian stelter elon musk twitter new january 6th
twitter bots jumping ship democrats
babylon bee men allowed opinion abortion get pregnant
food processing plans musk twitter depp trial ukraine russia

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet watch congratulations standing up wild friday night
tweet husband personal lube door squeak
tweet 4 year old step stool
reddit what movie 20 years old holds up 2001

Make Ukraine Great Again

Biden Announces Another $33 Billion in Economic Assistance to Ukraine — As US Economy Crumbles, Inflation Hits 40-Yr Highs, Gas Prices Skyrocket, GDP Declines

ukraine washing machine squeaky clean

Ignore Your Eyes and Common Sense

tweet tucker hopkins doctors conventions not wearing masks

Johns Hopkins’ Dr. Makary’s Observation Of Doctors and Masks Is ‘Most Compelling’ Thing Tucker Heard Today

Putin’s Fault

Biden Reverses Another Trump Drilling Policy in the Arctic

race wages losing to fuel food housing insurance

Quote of the Day

quote sowell for bureaucrats procedure is everything outcomes nothing

Message of the Day

message elon musk changing world paypal electric car space x

Other Links That May Interest You

Biden to Spend an Ungodly Amount of Money Building a Green Military – Matt Vespa
11 Reasons Climate Change is Propaganda Not Science

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