04-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cold one more time put christmas tree back up
self driving tech 80s christine
should make more friends dogs lying sidewalk
drink regret tomorrow sacrifice willing make shrek
elon musk buy mtv start showing videos again
congress spends 54 trillion your money elon musk 44 own
shrink taxation live society stockholm syndrome
jeff bezos washington post china propaganda machine
worst business decisions new coke cnn+ 2022
liberal realize tesla helped fund purchase of twitter

Pure Coincidences 👌

tweet bill gates food shortages renewables oil pandemic

Are Liberals Really THIS Much Against Free Speech?

We all know how important it is to the Ruling Class to stomp out free expression in its quest to build the New World Order. That’s crystal clear. But why are everyday liberals SOOOO insanely against Musk breaking off even a small sliver of Big Tech’s Thought Police monopoly? The problem is lack of their understanding of just how bad tech censorship has become. Conservatives & libertarians have seen an endless stream of daily examples of posts being removed and “fact” checked, along with prominent voices extinguished without any recourse. Anyone on the Right who’s ever posted anything remotely political has likely been a personal victim of censorship. How about people on the Left? No one who leans left is EVER censored. None of their liberal friends are ever censored. The media they watch doesn’t show any stories of influential Leftists being deplatformed. They personally have likely NEVER had a political post removed. They live in a shielded world, exposed only to selective information given by the Ruling Class’s Thought Police brigade. They think the only “content moderation” involves racial slur-spewing Nazi groups, verified Russian disinformation operations, militant groups calling for massive political violence, and so on. They hear wild stories of QAnon followers or whatever BS the mainstream media can dig up that has no basis in reality. They have no understanding how tens of millions of libertarian/conservatives have been silenced for expressing an unapproved opinion, playing past videos of Fauci & Walensky, sharing stats from the CDC website, or discussing ways to boost the immune system. I’m guessing if they really knew the truth, they wouldn’t be so unhinged in their defense of censorship.

There will always be extremely small fringe groups that abuse free speech privileges. With or without censorship, you’re not going to stop that. But once you open the door, ANYTHING can be labeled as “hate speech” or “misinformation,” depending on WHO DECIDES! And when you’re talking about BILLIONS of daily social media posts, designing intelligent censorship algorithms is impossible, especially when bots can manipulate the system. Example: the Ruling Class doesn’t like the opinions from Tucker Carlson, Breitbart, Daily Wire, or Candace Owens. So they hire programmers to create fake accounts and program tweets like “We need more political assassinations,” “Heil Hitler,” “Drinking bleach cures Covid,” etc.; prominent users can’t possibly moderate thousands of daily comments. It doesn’t matter – Big Tech has their justification for shadow-banning or suspending the accounts. And if you object, you clearly are a white-supremacist, racist Nazi!

UK Demands Elon Musk Keeps Twitter ‘Responsible’ by Censoring Content – Breitbart

joe biden ministry of truth created right after musk twitter

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet twitter elon doesnt control algorithm change paper shredding
tweet elon musk free speech law censorship beyond
tweet elon musk liberal left right center woke progressive
tweet smollett tesla lithium twitter country

Quote of the Day

quote joker respect those tell ugly truth over beautiful lies

Message of the Day

message can love your country without loving your government

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