05-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

electric chair gust wind trees rustling
cat selfie knocked over plants
baby shower game labor or porn
jeopardy word someone offended memes little bitch
imagine someone before 2020 cold flu no symptoms
npc liberal children mature enough pick gender but 18 year olds not student loans
nobody talks about forgiving trade school debt they can pay own way
liberals free speech scream painting twitter
netflix why losing subscribers expecting cuties dear white people

ICYMI – Tucker’s Monologue on Biden’s New Ministry of Truth

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cn2eoCGxT_M

Make Ukraine Great Again

trump border wall worlds most costly npr biden ukraine

You Can Trust Big Bother

slippery slope fallacy dhs creating government disinformation board
hillary clinton obama unauthorized opinion free speech stop disinformation
democrats great handbook communist manifesto prefer 1984

We’re Here to Help

white house replacement jen psaki pinnochio search
babylon bee 12 jobs soon fired twitter content moderators

12 Job Alternatives For Soon To Be Fired Twitter Content Moderators – Babylon Bee

‘I feel like I’m going to throw up’: Twitter employees vent about purchase by Elon Musk

Enough with the Doom & Gloom

visual map winning musk travel masks obama title 42 disney cnn+

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet prescription wife dailysex dyslexia
tweet turned 40 idgaf powers
tweet obama oceanfront property Hawaii marthas vineyard

Quotes of the Day

quote thomas jefferson too much liberty vs too little
quote biden to teachers not somebody elses children yours in classroom

Message of the Day

message truth doesnt need research common sense

Other Links That May Interest You

Shit Show: California Raising It’s Already Highest-In-Nation Gas Tax
Time to Audit Twitter Censorship – Byron York
Alcohol and Drinking Meme Gallery 2

2 thoughts on “05-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. The Mini Stir of Truth is the DHS stretching out its scrawny neck … over the chopping block.

    Do not elect anyone unwilling to assist in swinging a mighty Ax in 2025. The Stasi contingents in the CIA, DHS, DOJ, FBI and State Dept. must go … and maybe the entirety of DHS should be ended. It is another layer for the socialist authoritarians to duck our soup, rather than a central hub to fight crime. What have they done to reduce the homicide spike?

    The Mini Stir of Truth is a woke joke tell … and way more if it operates to rattle Brave Hearts in American Patriots.

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