05-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

me clocking in wholesome memes timeline
drink cuss too much everything want in friend
shirt h in united states marine corps stands for happiness
people think men cant get pregnant worried twitter misinformation
dear elon musk hunter laptop finally presense on twitter
liberals deleting twitter account cant tell no longer wearing mask
forrest gump just like that leftists stopped bragging owning tesla
fauci i am science heathens divine right public health officials
americans joe biden book title 42 not going to like ending
cnn+ chris wallace burning 300 million
elon musk 43 billion twitter dod 3 trillion replace taliban with taliban
netflix blockbuster stock falling fire
big sister watching you biden disinformation board

Eyerolls Get Bigger Everyday

gizmodo musk proves not smart propaganda

Remember: Journalist hacks are smarter than the guy who developed Pay Pal, Tesla, Space X, and Boring companies. 👍

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet wife true crime murder documentaries husband uncomfortable disagreeing
tweet one day young strategically placed pillows sleep
tweet medical advancement most not having same form
tweet musk buying coca cola put cocaine back hunter bidenjpg

Quote of the Day

quote brianna wiest mountain in front of you distance person you become

Message of the Day

message tested positive for sovereignty independent though

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2 thoughts on “05-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. 43 bill to end world hunger?
    joke, right?
    if we assume 500,000,000 are hungry that will be $92 per hungry person.

    guess what, if you require productive work to get a share or the billions we throw at hunger now hunger will be a thing of the past

    • Yes, it was a joke. Proven by the follow up that DoD spent 20 years and $3 trillion to replace the Taliban with the Taliban. That is how establish politicians and their Globalist master work. Their goal is to take as much wealth and freedom from average people as possible…and give nothing in return.

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