05-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

text autocorrect tattoos just block me
seeing eye cat okay to cross sure
getting older waking up hungover just who i am
ship tattoo arm sleeze penis
drowning relax building back better
joe biden student loan bar drinks on taxpayers
soprano explaining continued ignorance why goes on
4th grade graduation incredibles new ways celebrate mediocrity
left right political spectrum taught actual statist anarchy
app british man creates filters out kardashian jenner news

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet when parent sick meds get tranquilizer darts sleep
tweet self aware ruining life

Quote of the Day

quote dont waste words people deserve your silence

Message of the Day

message want something never had do something never done

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2 thoughts on “05-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Personally I prefer the “Nolan chart” of personal and economic freedom, but this linear model at least points out that the dichotomy is not left/right but freedom and authoritarianism and the two major parties are NOT on the freedom end. Once again, reality is being presented to us in a way that gets most people to never question the narrative or ever think there are any other choices than the two they are ALLOWED to select from.

  2. On that political spectrum meme:
    anybody else notice the Republicans flipping the star from the normal point up to the satanic point down a few years back?

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