05-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

episode 2 season started yesterday
me injecting ill timed humor bad situation
homer bart simpson pc working fine windows updates
when someone is crying dont know what to do got memes
parenting hiding ice cream sandwich lettuce
lisa simpson if you believe politicians promises probably think strippers like you
ukraine me trillion dollars debt ukraine
npc liberals ukraine masks biden harris pusssy caps
me trying to figure out how to get millions to overthrow ruling class
pregnant man stop misinformation
school system not setup creativity obedient put you on drugs
penguin global warming cold as helll
mary poppins censor your opponents board disinformation
mask up get shot not your incubator my body my choice
hillary clinton dress history suspicious
protect womens right to choose men pregnant too

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet elon musk twitter myspacex
tweet hate on khakis until liquorottles pockets
tweet not wearing panties dating married laundry
tweet leave twitter crowd ridiculous no one wants to see

Quote of the Day

quote never regret day life good happiness bad experience lessons memories

Message of the Day

message dont let facebook balls get real life teeth knocked out

No Principles, Whatever His Handlers Tell Him At the Time

joe biden roe v wade amendment

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