05-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

yoga master jagermeister back bend
ghost in facebook jail can see posts cant interact
men then construction now masks scooter
joe biden fact checkers didnt say it didnt mean it understand context
democrats release the kraken new covid fears polls 2022 election
ukraine taxpayer funds aid going back members congress
welcome to oregon sign tampons in every boys bathroom
biden immigration politics title 42 flood pipe
never let man tell woman do with body fauci

Honest Abe Lincoln, George Washington…and of course, Hillary!

quote hillary clinton greatest quality honesty

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet prosecuted wearing mask intimidates supreme court celebrated
tweet most horrors world desire to control
tweet pink floyd warned public school system 50 years ago

Can’t Remind People Enough

caseys sign gas prices trump

Not only were gas prices at the lowest level in decades, overall inflation was near 0%, stock prices were at record highs, unemployment was at a half-century low, shelves were stocked, crime was low, and no pointless wars were erupting around the world. All this despite the Covid plandemic. For all Trump’s faults, Americans simply didn’t realize how good they had it.

get 3 percent raise inflation is 10.25 percent
joe biden maga most extreme group history open borders police blm free speech

Quote of the Day

quote closer collapse of empire crazier its laws cicero

Message of the Day

message storm is brewing americans had enought

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2 thoughts on “05-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Actually gas is not much higher than it was in 1955 or so when it was .25 a gallon. That would be a Silver Quarter.
    A silver quarter today is worth $3.69 so that is the comparable price of gas.
    Look at the junk silver conversation ratio when gas was $1.19 to compare to 1955 and today.
    $20 of goods and services in 1920 or so
    requires $1800 today so a 1920 dollar ic worth about 2 cent today.

    Now look at how the money in your bank ets has maintained its purchasing power.

    • In order for your comparison to work, you’d have to quote the price of silver in 1955 NOT today’s value.

      I see where you’re going though.

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