05-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

why go to fairs if not rides food
dogs toilet water cold portions refills on demand
wife restraints fun bedroom stealing covers side bed
have phd pretty huge distrust in government
democrats gaslighting party symbol
biden proverb clown moves palace doesnt become king circus
think for yourself cnn have tv for that
liberals ban abortions women get them illegally gun owners
joe biden press secretary karine love not psaki

Putin’s Fault

tweet meijer biden cancels oil drilling lease

Biden administration cancels major Alaska oil and gas lease sale

Wholesale Inflation Climbs 11 Percent in April

Make Ukraine Great Again

House Passes $40 Billion Package from Ukraine with All Democratss and Most Republicans Voting ‘Yes’

tweet any republican voted ukraine package kickbacks or investment defense
babylon bee amercan babies disguise ukrainian

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet self checkout yelled at by robot
tweet string cheese fry marinara prepare for meal
tweet used sneak out parties now go to my house
tweet erika name backwards angel lana anal

Nothing to See Here, Move Along

maxwell sentence reduced by 10 years same as roe v wade leak

Federal judge reduces Ghislaine Maxwell’s max sentence by 10 years

Quote of the Day

quote dave chapelle what participate in your self image

Message of the Day

message not here fit into your world build my own

You Didn’t Think Democrats Would Give Up Their Thought Police Monopoly Without a Fight, Did You?

Feds Open Investigation Into Elon Musk, Report Says

elon musk free speech democrats melting
looks like youve had bit too much to think thought police

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