05-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

kid mom late all know hurtful fair
sign cats obedience school
two kinds of nerds may the force be mass times acceleration
401k crushed cant afford food gas best recovery joe biden
han solo open carry trade regulations imperial overreach
barbie unrealistic body image women heman
list people kiss my asss
took muuuules to install one jackass biden
farley my body my choice or stick needle in everyone

Another TOTAL Coincidence

>daily mail artificial breast milk dates bezos zuckerberg

Artificial breast milk firm offers alternative to baby formula – DailyMail

You can ignore this story though – fact checkers funded by Gates, Zuckerberg, and Bezos tell us that Gates, Zuckerberg, and Bezos definitely did NOT engineer the baby formula shortage. 👍

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet cell phone data jan 6th protesters but not election
tweet reich platform monopoly disney facebook google musk twiiter

Quote of the Day

quote truth only visible to those question everything taught to believe

Dems Continue to Show Any Americans Who Oppose Them Are Their Enemy

‘Smoking Gun’: New Whistleblower Information Shows FBI Used Terrorism Tools to Target Concerned Parents

Biden’s ‘Ministry of Truth’ Is an Assault on Free Speech

Tone Deaf Biden Doubles Down on Rhetoric with Reference to Trump as ‘Great MAGA King’

joe biden unite rather than divide blaming others ultra maga note

Message of the Day

message gop voters dont assume just democrats watching

Shocking Number of House Republicans Vote for Massive ‘America Last’ Spending Package

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2 thoughts on “05-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. About the message of the day.
    The game of politics is played on the people. The sheep will hand power to the GOP, then do nothing until it is time to vote again. They give one party a majority, then the other party, then back and forth and back and forth again. Wolves don’t fear sheep. What’s the other expression, if voting ever solved anything, they wouldn’t let you do it…

    The politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice. You don’t. – George Carlin.

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