05-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

when women asks age like deciding which bomb wire cut
sometimes shot doesnt cover it coke jack daniels
me pamela anderson beach haters say fake
cats fire working class humans turned on each other instead of ruling class
joe biden jimmy carter on steroids inflation
media instructions truckers supplying pro abortion protesters mandates go home
joe biden maga most extreme history blm atifa kkk green new deal rioters birthing person
pelosi ukraine 40 billion baby formula
elizabeth warren last time this mad ancestry dna
democrats 2022 abortion at risk america in crisis
make money buying market dip fck you are
baby starving biden zalensky chocolate chip

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet sowell political left never understood social justice despotism
tweet warren bassler civil rights ranchers journalists civilians
tweet gas prices national record biden cancels leases

Quote of the Day

quote mcconaughey dont fall into entitlement trap victim

Message of the Day

message take kids history independence america rather than disney this summer

Question of the Day

question tell me actors actresses rock stars visiting war zone

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One thought on “05-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. You can visit those places in stead of Wokinsey, but do your home work so you can be prepared to correct their PC explications. It’s a lot of fun to hijack the tour.

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