05-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

open bottle wone save cork dont finish
angry lady cat smudge ghost pottery
woman nipples pierced dont believe you
bank loan fill up tank of gas home auto
falling down watching government spend billions corrupt foreign wars
americans get some help taxpayers hart ukraine
epstein economy didnt kill itself
joe biden blame republicans dr strange dems control senate house presidency
merrick garland supreme court justice homes round up parents
are you feeling it yet biden gas tank
slippery slope graph shadow bans fact checking ministry of truth digital id social credit scores
can send 40 billion ukraine same people elon musk solve world hunger

You Knew It Was Coming

Marvel Has Fallen to the Woke Mob, Introduces Transgender Superheroes

tweet marvel voices pride coipel transgender

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet notice no companies attacking anti groomer desantis
tweet liberals gasoline milk rend shortages crime war but no trump
tweet justice clarence thomas leave court when do my job poorly you do yours

Quote of the Day

quote reagan inflation not living too well because government is

Message of the Day

message life too short die coward

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