05-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

sponge bob netflix commercials get in coffin
dog gentleman at the bar woman restaurant tennis ball
cashier dare you not id buying alcohol
everyone like accepted accept free thinking dont give sht
joe biden no pipeline but really long extension cord windpills
normal people starting to think media government lying shady
pfizer trial data effectiveness liberal scotus abortion
question kermit no media coverage people lost businesses livelihoods
joe biden crash burn balloon democrat majority ultra maga fault
biden titanic zalensky cash
sandy maga ultra maga grease
accountant lawyer going jail zelensky dependent

Message of the Day

message if cannot be corrected without offended never grow in life

Never Miss a Chance to Divide America

Leftists: You shouldn’t label or stereotype people based on the actions of a few.
Also, Leftists: The Buffalo shooter shows 75 million Trump voters are white supremacist terrorists brainwashed by Tucker Carlson.

Trump was divisive and combative. There’s no doubt about that. However, who were his usual targets: the media, Democrat politicians, corrupt RINOs, and enemies of America. What about our current president, Mr. Unity? EVERYTHING he’s done in office has been about dividing Americans: White vs. Black, Left vs. Right, Rich vs. Poor, Teachers Unions vs. Parents, and so on. All people who disagree with the Left are domestic terrorists, an “existential threat” to the nation, to use Biden’s exact words. Nothing in recent memory has been as predictable as Biden & the rest of the Left using the Buffalo shooting to further divide America and call for further diminishing of civil rights. You know, they have to stop “hate speech,” although no one ever precisely defines the term, knowing it can easily be interpreted by their allies in Big Tech to silence & deplatform anyone who disagrees with them. As for Tucker Carlson, find me ONE SINGLE CLIP in the existence of his show where he is calling for or excusing ANY kind of violence. On the flip side, it’d be easy to put together a montage of hundreds, if not thousands, of clips of him condemning violence, including the actions of protesters on January 6th. They’re going after him for the same reason they went after Joe Rogan, Tulsi Gabbard, Elon Musk, and so many other voices of reason – he’s exposing exactly who these Leftists in politics, entertainment, and the media are. And he’s asking obvious questions they don’t want asked. He is challenging all their fascist power grabs along with the ever-increasing suppression of civil rights. My guess is that everyone who sincerely thinks Tucker Carlson is white supremacist, hate-spewing, racist, or whatever other labels they put on him have not watched ONE SINGLE EPISODE of his show.

As always the mission of the left: DIVIDE DIVIDE DIVIDE! And if that doesn’t work, DESTROY DESTROY DESTROY!

joe biden siri directions to bullalo ignore waukesha laguna woods
cnn media don lemon cherry picked stories manipulate
joe biden maga most extreme group history open borders police blm free speech
attorney general garland antifa blm radical islam white supremacy biggest threat

Mr. Unity Goes to Buffalo – Larry O’Connor
Tucker Carlson Responds to Tidal Wave of Liberals Blaming Him for Buffalo Mass Shooting
Deadspin: White Fans Watching Black Basketball Players Is ‘White Supremacy’
20 Ways to Destroy a Person

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet zuby mistrust government not edge based history economics not your friend
tweet trump jr massie congress spent per family ukrained big pharma kickbacks

Quote of the Day

quote johnny cash say what you feel nothing at all

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