05-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

children of the corn kids loving in moment no cell phone
lucy schroeder im your biggest fan misery
therapist going on vacation garbage homer simpson
snl van down by river farley 2022 45k
biden disinformation torch jen psaki passing torch to jean pierre
history lie written by men author book
american economy plane crash pilot biden all democrat majority blame republicans
joe biden if answer how stupid is the question
joe biden 40 billion ukraine how to tackle inflation
liberals support current thing this never miss bandwagon
titanic drop heart ocean 80000 student loans
woman sexual misconduct musk like clockwork

ESG – The Social Credit Score for Businesses

Tesla Kicked Out of S&P 500’s ESG Index

Learn about ESG if you don’t already know it. It’s a numbering scheme put together by the Ruling Class to keep corporations in line. As with every control mechanism of the Left, it’s surrounded by language that make it sound good (think “misinformation,” “hate speech,” “red flag laws,” etc.) but is easy manipulated to punish anyone who opposes them politically. We all know why Tesla is being downgraded, and it has nothing to do with the company itself. Think about how ludicrous it is to cite Tesla’s “lack of a carbon strategy” as the main reason for their downgrade. The WHOLE POINT OF THE F-ING COMPANY is to lower emissions! As with the social credit scores they want to put on all individuals, ESG is easily manipulated to punish political enemies. If you think ESG is a meaningless number, think again! Governments and global financial institutions have been mobilizing for years to cut off financing and implement other punishments for companies that have poor scores. More to come on this.

tweet elon musk esg tesla exxon

BTW, for entertainment, trying searching “ESG NWO” on Google, then again on DuckDuckGo. You’ll see how Google sometimes almost laughably tries to hide the truth. For example, obviously the New World Order (NWO) is a term no one has ever heard before, so you definitely meant to type NOW, even in the context of ESG. đź‘Ť

google we decide what you see

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet thomas sowell intellectuals dismantling civilization sounds good
tweet disorienting thing older lecture historical younger personally remember is wrong

See If You Can Pass, Even If You’re Not a Biologist

babylon bee quiz identify which 12 images woman

Can You Identify Which Of These 12 Images Depict Women? – Babylon Bee

Quote of the Day

quote dave chappelle nothing feels better coward hero stumbles

Message of the Day

message no plan to eliminate student debt just transfer those dont owe it

Student Loan Forgiveness Hurts Most Americans – Karoline Leavitt

Latest BS We Expect You to Believe

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnNPHtu6mWs

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