05-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

bar sign beer shortage soon panic buy here
bus know succeeding 300k vehicle picks your up daily
if played simon merlin pong atari take ibuprofen back
nurse inflation stock crypto baby formula coma nap
miss days biggest presidential scandals trump drink 2 hands chicken with fork
kid fake news lets go brandon cnn fnn
trump ultra maga king biden inflation crime fuel prices fentanyl afghan
joe biden facebook memes code cck sucker
nancy pelosi adjust portfolio for monkeypox
cnn anonymous whistleblower white house sign teleprompter ice cream
monkeypox tricycle 11 people who still believe media
internet bullies ministry of truth before start proud of this community

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet pros cons making kids
tweet graduated teacher not born bail money

History of America’s Dr. Mengele

40 years dr death fauci history

…and yet our brain-dead, corrupt mainstream media will continue to praise and amplify his propaganda. 🙄

carrey dumb dumber no conspiracy theories watch tv very informed

Stop This Dangerous Practice Immediately!

leftist media so controlled simply telling them stop thinking works

Quote of the Day

quote ron paul foreign aid taking money poor people rich country giving it to rich people poor country

Message of the Day

message term limits time kick every career politician out 80 year old millionaires 40 years congress

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One thought on “05-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. The reason you can’t get career politicians out should have been made pretty clear in the 2020 election cycle.

    Never watched it but South Park I am told had a pretty good episode about elections you get a choice: a douche bag or a shxx sandwich.

    The names of the ticket have been vetted by the party. The party controls who gets on that ticket and if the party does not control the individual they will not endorse them on the ticket.
    One occasionally slips through but the party will attack them and not give them any support.
    I was a key player on a senatorial campaign campaign and have seen that directly, up close, in person, and personally.

    The public is convinced you can’t go with an independent because you’re throwing your vote away.

    Gerrymandering of some districts ensures the democratics will always have An advantage for one party or the other. The people who hold the seats become the key players because they cannot be un seated until the party is ready to change them or they want to retire and they will be replaced with another scumbag of the same stripe.

    A government like we have and laws like we have in a society like we have is one of the ways that God destroys a pagan nation.
    It’s crystal clear in his scriptures and its right as rain.
    Go to sermon audio.com search how God destroys nations, Do you want the five sermon series
    Most people do not believe the book of The Revelation has begun save God’s indictment of the churches, but folks, we are well on the way, well on the way.
    just because you were a Christian do not think he will not suffer
    the Christian will suffer and welcome God‘s judgment because God promises to eliminate evil and we pray for this,we welcome this.
    Daniel and his three friends could be considered the best of the best as to their faith in God and adherence to his law yet they were carried off into captivity made eunuchs and only Daniel died a natural death.
    prepare your soul for what is to come then prepare as you were able to ride through the hardship according to the providence of God.

    this is almost turning it into a sermon. study the Scriptures on your own do not trust your pastor or Sunday school teacher do not take them at face value many are not teaching God‘s word you’re getting fake religion just like fake news
    the reason you can’t tail is you don’t know what’s in the Bible yourself
    if you study God‘s word and pray for wisdom you will be able to spot their false hoods and when you do, go find another church, and if Necessary, get like-minded people together and meet in your home
    Christ never said you have to go to a Bible college to preach his word

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