05-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

please leave by 9 balloons introverts
plumbers potty training apprenticeship
sign bank final notice wont be bothering me
therapist where see yourself 10 years patriot
relationship status abusive with fuel pump
biden rally empty economy empty shelves
buttigieg gas prices tesla heating solar panels baby formula champagne
soon to be plastered i had monkeypox vaccine
joker it clowns covid showing monkeypox
office whiteboard chinese government bad disappear
dr fauci if trump wins 2024 ill quit approve this message
joe biden handing us sovereignty to who pandemic treaty
babylon bee fauci stop monkeypox covering eyes mouth ears
dow on pace longest weekly losing streak kamala harris we did it

Ministry of Truth Victimhood

nina ministry truth criticizing me national security threat

Ex-Head of Biden Thought Police: Attacking Me Is a National Security Threat

Ms. 1984 can’t see the irony of her own whining rants. The main criticism of Biden’s Ministry of Truth was that it’d be used to attack anyone who disagreed or criticized the Biden admin as a disinformation national security threat. Thank you for clarifying for us. 👍

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet bassler never blindly trust anyone biases interpretations
tweet libertarians vs leftists results vs intentions shortages

New Article Added

Social Credit Scores & ESG – What Are They and Why Are They Loved By the World Ruling Class?

Quote of the Day

quote thomas sowell journalists two masters corrupt

Message of the Day

Copied from the Web:

message 5 step plan restoring constitutional government

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