05-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

baby yoda holding back sarcastic responses
teletubbies personalities new friend meeting table
psychiatrist dreams meaning dinosaur shark rocket launcher
government every time steal money thank me shake my hand breading bad
joe biden obamas 3rd term bombs sippy cup
me family event all conspiracy theories turned out to be true
joe biden planet of the apes blew it all up
farley saw it on tv be afraid my research is done
democrats moving on from flag burning constitution
joe bidenpox common sense crime reality supply chain inflation media
biden harris if cheat in front of entire world imagine willing to do behind back
beto orourke how can i make this tragedy about me

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Get Used to Sharing Apartments, Millennials

At least you got a $1200 stimulus check! 👍 Well done, FJB.

tweet mortgage rate new home price comparison 1 year

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet hall shooter white supremacy other gun control stealing rights
tweet stimulus checks inflation gas rent 401k
tweet drink iced coffee 4 minutes have hope
tweet australia why need guns dont get locked camps virus survival

Americans Who Oppose Him Are ‘Domestic Terrorists,’ But He’ll Still Protect His Communist Buddies

tweet marco rubio biden farc columbia cuba venezuela

Quote of the Day

quote john kennedy give money countries hate us free

Message of the Day

message never create enough laws evil doesnt obey

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One thought on “05-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. on burning the constitution yeah right we all wanna think it started with this administration actually the America our patriot forefathers won from the British was destroyed when that constitution was put into affect
    we were under the articles of confederation the states were supreme the general government was on a damn tight leash it was so tight we had difficulty raising money for Washington’s army
    when he was in camp he spent most of his time pleading with whoever he could for funds men and equipment when the fighting was up north the northern states contributed when I was in the South the Southern contributed more
    As a sidenote the rift between the north and South was as bad as it is today
    after the war the Southern states were discharging their war debts on their own as all were supposed to
    the north was not and when the yankees got control actually I should say damn Yankees got control of the general government the debt was nationalized the South paid twice
    We are taught that George Washington was our first president
    he was under the present constitution

    first president under the articles the real first president of 13 united s
    States of America was John Hancock president of the continental Congress when the declaration was signed

    Now this new government that sets the stage for the Tyranny and the imperial Police state we live under today where the states are administrative districts of Washington had has its first president George Washington
    bonus points for those who can tell me the first president that violated the Constitution and his oath of office by using the military to enforce tax law
    I’ll give you a hint it was called whiskey rebellion it happened in Pennsylvania if memory serves
    the farmers said we just had a war against the excise tax We will not stand by and allow it to be collected again

    we had a few really good presents most are dismal failure‘s and the ones that are loaded the most with the most tyrannical took the most money from the people in the form of increased taxation and debt and inflation killed the most Americans in domestic and foreign war and the god of America old Abe Lincoln said himself that he preserve the union but destroyed the republic
    If you honestly look at history the Republicans have done more damage to America than the Democrats even thought about

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