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05-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

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Did you ever notice that when the mainstream media and historians evaluate presidents and members of Congress, (other than political party) they use two primary criteria to judge success:

  1. How much did they expand the size of government?
  2. What new legislation or laws did they get passed?

Another way to put this is “How much did they ‘get done?'” Did you ever think about what this really means? When they create new entitlement programs or increase the funding for existing programs, they’re widely praised, but this simply means the politicians are spending more money that will have to paid for with either higher taxes, or the more common recent method, debt & money printing, which has led to the explosion of inflation. What makes matters so much worse is that it’s politically risky to rollback a government program once they’ve started it, so most politicians don’t even try. Plus, all that new government spending is NEVER a no-strings-attached deal. The money is used to CONTROL, as with the Department of Education and Obamacare. Then, there’s the 2nd measure of “accomplishment”–new laws. Another way of thinking of this is that every new law, regulation, administrative rule, executive order, etc. just means another piece of your freedom has been taken away, made illegal, usually without any power granted by the Constitution.

It’s yet more evidence the mainstream media is a tool of the Ruling Class, an enemy of the people. it’s time to flip the script on the way we judge political leaders. We should be thinking about how much they CUT spending & the size of government. How many laws were repealed? How many regulations were rolled back? How many executive orders were reversed? True benefactors of the people will try to decrease their own power and that of future leaders who will hold the position.

Until we change these fundamental measures of success, the country will never improve, regardless of what political party is currently in charge.

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