05-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

congrat high school grads on easy part of your life
cat pharmacist staff pry open prescription mouth
kids today white claw my day uphill mad dog antifreeze soda can
housing market so bad homeless nomadic van living car
watching reruns simpsons see what deal with next monkeypox
opinion poll lazy handouts kick them out congress
bart simpson nina ministry of truth clown for hire
military industrial send troops taiwan war china good economy biden
biden bureaucrats overregulation baby formula germany oil venezuela
andrew dice clay hickory dickery dock facebook
truth candle snubbed out woke degrees
liberal cant pay bills groceries gas baby formula no mean tweets
babylon bee kamala harris monkeypox disease
police marijuana inside active shooter

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet kid tastes like something only eat once
tweet wife parental controls netflix show
tweet really old penny 1998 grounded
tweet kyle rittenhouse wouldnt waited hour do something
tweet tim anderson josh donaldson jackie robinson

Message of the Day

message never pledged loyalty to un united nations flag

Quote of the Day

quote cognitive dissonance cannot accept evidence rationalize

Endless Examples Throughout History

germany collected guns before collecting all the wedding rings
chairman mao millions unarmed opposed

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