05-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

lemon drops teds pocket pool
introverts anonymous nobody showed up
teenage daughter cat comes out eat hisses be nice
facemask sign will trade toilet paper for gas
world economic forum climate change priority jet planes
ron swanson taxes government greedy piglet taxpayer nipples
democrats midterms inflation bidenomics open borders upply chain empty shelves
stick come on facebook do monkeypox info box
liberal npc abortion ban ineffective guns
trojan shitty named for condoms broke stronghold guys poured out
disinformation governance board we will think for you
joe biden inflation transitional transitory green
wear mask government greatest children threat covid climate change
babylon bee lebron james confused by hockey players knocked down up not crying
willy wonka tell me again police protect me if give up guns

Easy Way to Know If a Movie/Show Is Worth Your Time

rotten tomatoes ricky gervais supernature

As with the Academy Awards, critics at Rotten Tomatoes are dominated by woke, whiny, far-left liberals who give few points to the artistic merit or entertainment value of a show. Instead, whether or not it sticks to the Leftist script is an overriding factor. Luckily though, they give two scores–the leftist critics and the normal audience members. Whenever you see a wide disparity in ratings, you know there is a political angle the Left either really loves or intensely hates. Ricky Gervais’s politically incorrect comedy show is a perfect example.

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet breathe quieter walking up hill bystanders fighting for life
tweet crossed lose my sht off list productive
tweet texas law enforcement mrap ready battle covid lockdowns

Quote of the Day

quote collective fear russell ferocity not members of the herd

Message of the Day

message life like soccer use your head need good swift kick

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One thought on “05-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. It’s memorial day again. That special day the mundanes are supposed to be thanking an exalted class for protecting our freedoms.
    Well, when I was born you could buy dynamite and blasting caps at the hardware store. There was not a minimum age to purchase .22 ammunition or black powder.
    Straight nitrogen fertilizer was everywhere.
    No knock raids and civil asset forfeiture were associated with Red China Hitler’s Germany and Russia.
    If the police found a lost child they got a ride home in the police car and got to play with the siren – and there after always looked for their friend when they saw a police car.
    I they caught you doing some thing stupid they would ask if you wanted them to stop by and see your dad … then you clean this mess up, I’ll be back in 15 minutes and I better not see it or you.

    So, The harder you fight to protect my freedom the more I’m losing.
    I’d appreciate if you’d stop.
    I’d like a refund for all the tax money I’ve had to pay do you to do this.

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