06-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

people with siblings better survival skills combat psych warfare sensing suspicious
wife still sleeping ninja up first drums
dog pillow vasectomy simple procedure
woke companies june 1st out ukraine in pride
spaceballs kids today wont know original star lord
donkey pox doctor racist taxes open borders hate america
blank list rights give up make you safer
catch more flies with honey also hallowed out carcass go either way
mainstream media puppet monkey pox
joe biden baby formula shipped mexican border
monkeypox covid distract who global pandemic treaty
titanic sinking shit joe biden kamala harris pelosi schumer
shaq oneill actual inflation kevin hart official rate

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet kids lets go mary poppins batman voice
tweet just cleaned house drop by unexpectedly sht hole after

Quote of the Day

quote confuscious empty browser says more full one

Message of the Day

message never meant strong person easy past scars

Shocker – Dictators Try to Take Away the Guns of Their Citizens

canadian pm trudeau freeze handgun ownership buy back weapons

Trudeau Introduces the Most Aggressive Gun Control Measures ‘in a Generation’
Biden Just Gave Up the Left’s Endgame on Gun Control – Leah Barkoukis

babylon bee guns not hands mentally unstable senile man nukes.jpg

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