06-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

comedy museum died out 2021 people offended
negative positive realistic person water shots whiskey
therapist light end tunnel bird
kermit passing slow left lane dumb as look driving mask
zelensky milking biden america cash cow
new diet tip fill up gas tank cant afford groceries
poll inflation affecting your family percentages
joe biden promises delivery tv dinner
office whiteboard bofore debating gun control ask what ar means
bernie sanders corporate america june 1st once again gay
say some facts democrat friends with russian asset
foreign aid money laundering scheme change my mind
biden everyone should be worried about monkeypox
sign joe biden protected by assault weapons his entire life
paul pelosi dui putin trump climate change fault
homer simpson logging on social media june 1st

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet make fun of cargo pants liquor bottles pta meetings
tweet women alone microwave cats no online dating paradise
tweet alexa remind me went into room

New Meme Gallery Added

Lisa Simpson Instructional Messages Meme Gallery

Satire Is Supposed to be a Funny Exaggeration, Not Prophesy

tweet seth dillon babylon bee fulfilled prophecies

Dozens of Babylon Bee Headlines Have Come True. Here’s the Complete List

Quote of the Day

quote aurelius opinion of 10000 no value if none know anything on the subject

Message of the Day

message everything tv scripted purpose shaping view benefit powerful running show

Tip of the Day

tip of day fuck it more motivating than you can do this acceptance of failure or success

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