06-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

supervillain name autocorrecter sirius ducking
dishes tv dogs sofa
freaking idiot invented ladies bicycle
joe biden scooby doo ghost reveal behind inflation putin
criminals government have guns law abiding no crazy kid
left big pharma mandatory shots only police have guns
brief history transportation before after biden horse buggy
stocks crashing shelves empty violence should guve up my guns
college graduates living in bubble real world
joe biden zelensky ice cream baby formula
joe biden gun control works castro mao qaddafi pol pot jim amin stalin
babylon bee janet yellen economics for dummies
npc how kid get rifle part time 1000 rifle 30k truck conspiracy theorist

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet no looney tunes character self defeating ordering indifferent corporation
tweet non alcoholic beer discovered favorite ingredient
tweet simon pizza dinner different one lunch
tweet disney princesses complain coma naps animals clean
before after therapy feel good hating people

Quote of the Day

quote left accuses the right of everything theyve done kevin sorbo

Message of the Day

message being different isnt bad thing

Coming Soon

coming soon meme seized us disinformation goverance board

The Democrat Party in One Quote

democrat cicilline spare me bs about constitutional rights

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