06-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

makes shares meme somewhat of a therapist
sign joe biden gonna donate your salary not mine billboard
dressing up dog cat costume comparison er
sign please dont say damn when see price
maybe im an npc repeat everything media says
wonder if want gun control move south side chicago
riding with biden walking gas prices higher than hunter
when the prey is armed predators think twice
mathew mcconaghey trump tweets 2019 gas now inflation good thing
batman slap stand with ukraine were gay this month
npc send cops take your guns uvalde
babylon bee colin kaepernick transitions carolina panthers cheer squad
june economy month inflation your 401k insurrection week biden
lights camera propaganda jan 6th committee hearing
alec baldwin january 6th protesters change my mind

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet mother legend overwhelmed nervous breakdown cut sandwich wrong
tweet people working from home pretending to work
tweet got toaster with air fryer unfriending people beneath me

Quote of the Day

quote never make a permanent decision based on temporary emotions

Message of the Day

message lifes tragedy get old too soon wise too late

Never Bury Your Pride & Self-Respect to Bow to the Woke Mob

Washington DC Jack Del Rio Apologizes, Fined $100,000 for Making Obvious Statements

Something that really needs to stop in this country is the cycle:

1. Make common sense statements using your supposed right to free speech.
2. An engineered woke mob response is orchestrated to attack that person (even though only a few real people were actually offended).
3. Individual gives a sniveling apology and then recites the stupid, gaslighting politically correct version of the truth.

What Del Rio should have done is challenge the fine in court and hold a press conference to state a big “FUCK YOU” to the people who tried to suppress his right to free speech. The whiny, woke liberals are exactly like toddlers. They will continue to push their limits until you put them in their place (See Disney and Ron DeSantis). But the whiny wokesters are only a small part of the problem. The bigger one is the Soviet-style atmosphere installed by the Ruling Class to suppress the slightest dissent. Del Rio was stating what everyone knows about January 6th (including the Establishment slimebags putting on the show trial): this was an out-of-control protest from people angry about a suspicious election. Saying it outloud destroys the repetitive gaslighting campaign from the media & Establishment to destroy your sanity. And Del Rio pointing out the unexamined death & destruction of the Summer 2020 riots only drives home the hypocrisy and farce of this fake January 6th outrage.

The Ruling Class doesn’t want you to know that most other Americans think the exact way you do. They want you to think you’re a fringe minority. No unapproved thoughts or you will be an outcast! And if you’re a public official or celebrity, they will destroy you if you try to break up the carefully constructed zombie hold they have over the peasants.

democrats media burning riots murder across america obsession january 6th capitol

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