06-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dear autocorrect its never duck
picard waking up every morning 2022 damage report
ruling class climate agenda gas price increases
finally middle class inflation lower class
joe biden hate make poverty great again mask
mom whats conspiracy theorist someone figures out truth first
fbi plotting terror event like to
joe biden title 42 fentanyl human trafficking crime gangs terrorism
janet yellen didnt see crystal ball inflation blowup biden
bet you aint laughing amish gas station
liz cheney twin obnoxious muppet rino

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet star wars revert fascism no matter how many good win 2022
tweet bassler biden armed al qaeda isis taliban ukraine not americans
tweet enter debt vote die for country 18 drink smoke defend 21 establishment
tweet lies propaganda dc january 6th democrats prevent forensic audit

Propaganda & Manipulation Are the Only Goals

tweet bill maher supreme court justice buried story

Bill Maher Knows Why the NYT Buried the Assassination Attempt on Justice Kavanaugh

Message of the Day

message road fascism lined people telling you stop overreacting

Quote of the Day

quote willie nelson take kids farm know food not from box

Other Links That May Interest You

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Woke Corporate Politics Meme Gallery

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