06-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

sign find someone cant afford rent alone
yosemite sam camel say hump day one more time
millions of statutes only marilyn monroe useful
liberal fact checkers told me gun control doesnt tyranny politifact
january 6th gas ukraine baby formula afghanistan
joe biden only god judge idiot
cat unmasked untested still alive
handing guns fbi posted online anger isolation
bears storybook father mother hate speech
democrats milking january 6th
babylon bee january 6th death toll rise corn dog

In Case You Didn’t See a Price Increase on Certain Items

shrinkflation dupes customers inflation spike

Never Doubt the “Experts”

tweet conservatives predict gas prices spike

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet biden blames putin inflation how broke into federal reserve printed trillions
tweet voters most concerned inflation crime immigration biden focus guns
tweet good to start dressing like mad max
tweet bassler red flag laws taylor no-knock raids government incompetent or capable
tweet reminder fbi basement biden maxwell jan 6th footage

Question of the Day

question could harriet tubman pass government background check

Message of the Day

message take your red flags turn them into coats traitors

Quote of the Day

quote snake plisskin dont give fck about your war or your president

Other Links That May Interest You

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12 Lessons Learned from Covid-19

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