06-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

two hikers start pack it up garbage trunk
my dog after eating my philosophy book beach
lion noahs ark sht cruise great buffett
kingsman what airport security luggage
july 4th biden inflation bologna ramen noodles
mark zuckerberg dr strange ban time stone posted 3 years ago
cnn cbs msnbc abc back make up more news
joe biden make dictators great again us cash for oil
npc biden harris facemasks ukraine pink hats pride month
gas inflation media what think made for tv january 6th hearings
democrats maps to homes of supreme court justices
cat smudge aoc almost died jan 6th werent there

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet kids birthday party drinking since 130pm
tweet mark dating common marriage netflix profiles
tweet caller id reason justification
tweet mental health down humor up graphs
tweet inflation highest 40 years experts january 6th sitcom

Yes, It’s Intentional

tweet biden climat czar john kerry dont need drill more oil and gas

John Kerry: We Don’t Need to Drill More for Oil and Gas – Julio Rosas
14 Republican-led States Sue to Restore Biden’s Cancelled Oil/Gas Leases

Quote of the Day

quote rush limbaugh destroy economy guns freedoms blame you

Message of the Day

message no amount of lies hide biden failure

Gee, Who Could Have Predicted That?

masks lockdowns weakened childrens immune systems post

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