06-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

everyday fresh memes entertain ungrateful peasants
refrigerator facial recognition open too many times
why science teachers not given duty pendulum swing set
ziggy librarian moving conspiracy section to nonfiction
joe biden take guns first due process later
named what really is smart phone fast food doctors college hollywood
bart simpson chalkboard government is the enemy
babylon bee home school not communist detrimental
prophesy fulfilled 7 11 gas prices
no one needs an ar-15 hillary clinton jeffrey epstein
nancy pelosi no one above law nephew husband hairdresser driver
crap reruns seinfeld cheers jan 6th hearings

Yes, Taxpayers Still Fund the NPR Farce

tweet morgan people who menstrate tampon shortage women npr

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet rent gas dont accept becomes normalized
tweet immediate reaction any tragedy restrict rights all americans nation of subjects
tweet 2020 cant go public 2022 cant afford
tweet market collapse bubble fed 0 interest rates printing trillions inflation

Quote of the Day

quotes takei gonzales ar15s ukrainians thanks 2nd amendment

Message of the Day

message if gut says no analyze details later

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2 thoughts on “06-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. I’m not saying the Beijing Biden didn’t say, Take the guns first, due process later. But I know President Trump did.

    • In context… What Trump was referring to is the same process the law uses to impound the car of a drunk driver before due process. He wasn’t advocating against the second amendment. Leave it to the Huffington Post to use an out of context statement of Trump to promote gun confiscation and shame on you, Mr. Liberty, for regurgitating it.

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