06-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

legend m mtv stood for music
nobody cares about your stick figure family
fathers day hammers nails nailing mom
sponge bob be yourself say something nice cant do both
trojan horse red flag laws progressives everyone dont like
maybe cognitive tests needed biden all of dc
crash economy bike joe biden
parent dont teach 5 year old sex sexist bigot liberal
biden bombing american energy plane
joe biden reckless spending changing lives second job sell cancelled
defund police or else ayanna pressley security
joe biden pipeline oil refineries fossil fuel not fault
media jan 6th inflation shortages epstein maxwell
joe biden failed economic policy spokes russia

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet lawyer as kid adult dck
tweet mom calling child services
tweet jurassic world pharma dna worldwide food shortage
tweet homeschool missing socializing transgender protesting fighting

New Meme Gallery Added

Parenting and Kids Meme Gallery 3

Quote of the Day

quote heinlein capacity human swallowing nonsense violent repressive

Message of the Day

message time traveling small change past future

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