06-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

drunk me said something take up not sober werent there
who are we fat diet exercise monday next monday
fired from cleaning attitude drinking on job
wont fix with memes american revolution pamphlets
disney reboot star wars luke i am your mother
joe biden congress pass law criminals obey gun laws
npcs putins war inflation cnn msnbc cbs nyt post democrats
biden waiting election time dangle student loan forgiveness again
joe biden bike fall cornered me shouted this is maga country
joe biden next years car show amish
fauci get covid after 4 vaccinations
kamala harris wrench joe biden bike
joe biden bike pulling the economy napolean dynamite

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet mistake facebook all personal info high school dinners
tweet babies mother voice womb selectively block older

Don’t Give an Inch On This

red flag laws who they send swat disarm

No White Flag on Red Flag Laws – Kurt Schlichter

Quote of the Day

quote clint eastwood change take matters own hands

Random Thoughts of the Day

Let’s examine how to create a textbook bubble in the real estate market that benefits the super-rich. First, the Federal Reserve massively increases the money supply while charging ultra-low interest rates. The government uses all the new money for unsustainable spending campaigns. Result: people feel richer. Their 401k balances are bursting, saving is increasing, they’re receiving free government “stimulus” money, etc. Naturally, people want to take advantage of the good times by spending money on such things as a new home. Since all but the super-rich need a mortgage, the purchase price isn’t as relevant as the monthly payment. At 3.25%, 20% down payment, a 30-year mortgage payment on a $400,000 hourse is $1393. For a young, two-income couple, that might be totally doable, so they can bid $400K on whatever house they like.

Of course, the insane money printing & spending always leads to inflation at some point, forcing the Fed to reduce the money supply and raise interest rates. We’re obviously seeing that scenario play out. Consider the same situation with the house, only now the rate is 6.5%. The same mortgage on the $400,000 house would be $2023 per month! Now a couple that can only afford $1393 is completely priced out of the market for a $400K house. In fact, if you want a $1393 payment at 6.5% interest, the most you can spend on a house is now $275,000. This scenario gets even worse if you can’t afford a 20% down payment and must resort to mortgage insurance.

So how does this benefit the super-rich? It’s simple–they can buy the real estate outright without a mortgage. The same house which sold for $400k can now be purchased in cash at $275K. The Bill Gates’s of the world can now swoop in and buy a ton of bargain-basement real estate. Then, they can just rent out the property until governments & central banks create the next bubble for which they sell into, and the process starts again. Get the picture? Admittedly, the massive housing shortage in this country makes this an oversimplified example, but the point is the entire real estate value formula is flipped by the huge increase in interest rates.

joe biden fire marshall economic disaster democrat policies gasoline
tweet art painting federal reserve gallows fire

Message of the Day

message wont sit down shut up comply american sick of dc corruption

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