06-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

tough for lumberjack to get ride to work
dog straw drinking toilet bowl
take picture couple anal king
where go apply fuel stamps
biden no more lies full steam ahead usa titanic
when you put on a show trial and nobody shows up jan 6th
fauci got any more horse paste drug addict
jesus last supper one of you betray 4 of you book deals
joe biden changing peoples lives inflation fixed incomes
joe biden selfie stock market crash prices
joker covid showing monkeypox saw on news
babylon bee solve tampon shortage by emptying ones mens bathroom
joe biden running the country like ridding a bike

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet enter room energy of cat eat fck up lucky to have me
tweet wheel of fortune buy vowel millenial rent
tweet dating again video game starting over less energy
tweet tulsi gabbard assange extradiction prosecution

Quotes of the Day

quote be good enough forgive people not stupid enough to trust again
quotes stephen curry lebron james selfish vs selfless star

Wokeness Overload

tweet bill maher washington post journalism mess

Bill Maher: What an Embarrassing Mess at the Washington Post, Huh?

Don’t Worry, You Can Trust the Dems 👌

no one wants to take away your guns newsweek nyt democrats 2nd amendment

Message of the Day

message blind followers exactly what nwo new world order wants

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