06-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

tricycle gas or coffee money
kitten school everyone busy get in everyones way
wesley snipes blade twilight ending we wanted
millionaire no just pump gas stare distance
grocery club coupons total more than year ago
two types people explain kinks fox rabbit
wake up son plant foods pharma cash cows
ultra realistic metaverse universe people talk work
falling down look face gas 2 to 5 economy better
biden train hitting bus your 401k
aoc kill burglar value things more than life
biden people down savings retirement approval
government spending train wreck cliff inflation more spending

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet wife argument guacamole chips bedroom won round
tweet think sober until blacked out
tweet masturbation 2 best orgasms not dealing people

Quote of the Day

quote bill maher kid princesses pirates peg leg surgery

Message of the Day

message uneducated acknowledge ignorance wiser educated think know everything

Question of the Day

question set prime time hearing riots arson billions property damage

Biden Is Angry You Ungrateful Peasants Are Complaining About Food & Gas Prices

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqGsBFVrVjQ

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2 thoughts on “06-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Government spent vast sums of money pushing meat and dairy, working with corporations like Pizza Hut to fill everything with cheese. They want us fat and sickly.

    Virtually every major disease has direct links to animal products.

    And natural diets that created centenarians worldwide, plant-based, are now called government sponsored??

    Too many fad diet books. Actual research shows that out bodies are herbivores, we don’t even have the ability to directly taste protein like, say, cats do.

    — And our internal organs are vastly, hilariously different than carnivores. Small and large intestines, anyone??

    You don’t eat your pets, or get get hungry seeing roadkill. Your body is not a carnivore, nor are your instincts.

    • Scientifically, you are completely wrong about human body being more herbivore than carnivore.

      Proof: Am myself a sever Type 2 diabetic. All carbs except fiber are poison to me. Am on strict no carb Keto diet. Am healthier not eating any plant based carbs at all. This is possible because human body can manufacture all the blood glucose(carbs) it needs from animal amino acids and proteins.

      Now lets look at opposite case of herbivore or Vegans. Can the human body produce all amino acids and proteins it needs for a NATURAL Vegan diet?
      The answer is a simple no. Their are amino acids the human body needs that it can get from animal products that is can not get from plants.
      But what about complete amino acid power you can buy that are based on plants.? Yes, those exist. The amino acids have chemically extracted from plants, then some amino acids are chemical changed to different animal based amino acids. You may be digesting all the correct amino acids…but you are eating lab produced chemicals…nothing natural about it.
      Also, the long lived populations studied ARE NOT VEGANS. You left out that important detail. They eat eggs, cheese, dairy products, fish and small amount of red meat. These populations may eat less animal products than standard American or European diet, but they are no way close to Vegan.

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