06-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

my rants posts people here dumpster fire while newbies
abduct humans large groups free wifi
blinds cat staging murder dinner 5 minutes late
me after day fighting matrix brainwashing
sign if take your guns use black market
adam schiff benedict arnold lookalike
liberal npcs 2012 vs 2022 corporate greed wars big pharma
modern solutions new red flag laws lefties scotus violence
only thing joe biden built back better taliban
fauci schedule masking face shield test positive
joe biden sledgehammer only tool cant fix usa
when you hear democrats republicans work together gun control resolution michelle

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet moral dont let them take guns grasshoppers more nutritious than meat
tweet protest pro choice not vaccinated
tweet uvalde vegas epstein questions

Dementia or Ruling Class Puppet or Both?

joe biden instructions speech take your seat

Quote of the Day

quote mark twain father 17 24 amazed how much learned

Message of the Day

message lower air conditioner usage electric grid buy trade in gas car

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