06-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

parents 80s dad cant swim attitude
kids asking parents for something cat when parents ask shrek
term domestic housewife feral ones goal
good morning still bed not talking to people
national debt 31 trillion need more money government joe biden inflation
npc states body autonomy vaccine passports
scientists then find explanation now fits narrative pharma funding
jan 6th j6 swamp power schiff kinzinger liz cheney pelosi
fauci wizard of oz covid release monkeypox
joe biden windmill brain gas generator needed
babylon bee empire luke skywalker light saber red flag laws
clarence thomas all mad they cant date me

The Media’s Go-To “Economist”

quote paul krugman trump election when markets recover answer is never
paul krugman 2020 outlook biden presidency

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet bassler 4 questions gun grabbers cant answer
tweet inventor paper straw prolonged liquid
tweet final level smart pretend dont know anything
tweet thankful gas 9.99 cant go over 3 digits

Quote of the Day

quote clarence thomas 2nd amendment extens all bearable arms

Message of the Day

message the days that break you are days make you

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