06-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

eating men vs women outside home
family guy when sweden plays denmark unused letters scoreboard
mayans only enough room 2012 freak out
them cat dont cross the line paw
information meme do own research link pathetic
george didnt like mean tweets broke build back better support group
biden polls not incontinent incompetent
heman if you support government neither pro choice or life
when someone says know constitution better than me belt
liberals conservatives racists ideal supreme court all clarence thomas

Imagine If We Could Cross-Examine Witnesses in Their Show Trial

Secret Service Agents: Yeah, the Trump Story by a J6 Witness of Lunging at the Wheel is Bullshit

trump aide blasey ford jussie smollett
liz cheney adam schiff kinzinger russia trump
mainstream media ignore border inflation shortages crime china jan 6th abortion guns

Flashback – November 2020

trump gas menthols juul tampons baby formula lots

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet dog sets impossible standard how greet wife
tweet upset late iced coffe better situation
tweet woman tesco divider level of pettiness

Quote of the Day

quote sowell too much called education expensive isolation from reality

Message of the Day

message criminals prefer unarmed victims tyrants prefer unarmed citizens schumer

Other Links That May Interest You

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