07-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

3 day weekend holiday be productive me 8am opening beer
4th july cookout nobody roundhouse kick face napolean dynamite
midas shoes website internet ruined me
bugs bunny tin foil hat turns crown knowledge
july 4th biden inflation bologna ramen noodles
buzz lightyear celebrating day won by armed citizens 4th july independence
4th july celebration reactment of an insurrection
ace hardware baseball bats defend sticks
thanks uncle sam independence day biden crime inflation border marxist
maxwell 20 years sex trafficking assange 175 years war crimes
jabba the hutt im on a sex strike
comparison triggered every news scripted drama happiest you
supreme court administrative tyranny epa tree of liberty
flight departs gate rescheduled cancelled
joe biden happy halloween card 4th july

Flashback to Biden’s First Year, Sharing the Only “Good News” of His Presidency

we can save 16 cents of 4th july bbq state fram biden

Quote of the Day

quote roman maroni country founded fargin iceholes

Message of the Day

message clarence thomas want you understand constitution

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet thomas sowell freedom others do what dont approve of
tweet zuby fight freedom controversial
tweet cardillo next time give up freedom

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One thought on “07-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Zoby,
    That came to pass long before we were born. Read some of the debates from 1788 when we lost the country.

    You better fight like hell because you only got a few mm left, and 50 % of the population will not know when it’s gone. 75% of the rest will just go along.

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