07-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

crime scene owner broke treat in two dog
husband clean house groundhog day yesterday
nurse drink smoke narcotics down for whatever
powerball tank of gas lumber toilet paper
progressive easier buy gun than baby formula self burn
hillary clinton clarence thomas person of grievance anger
sponge bob inflation bigger relief checks california
liz cheney 2022 midterms giddy up
nancy pelosi covid come back november mail in ballots need
clarence thomas tank us constitution government tyranny we the people

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet biden inflation lies worldwide usa worst
tweet trump hope no life other planets us government send money
tweet aoc taylor greene carbon footprint of russian proxy war
tweet rogan fauci kennedy legitimate scientists doctors

Quote of the Day

quote nothing annoys more someone expects okay something done to them joker

Message of the Day

message lose sense humor sense of self importance office sign

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