07-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

sleeping next love fall asleep faster pizza breadsticks
elon musk neuralink chip stream music hackers rick astley never gonna give you up
officer if you caught me you were speeding too
perfect tshirt dog lovers find dog longer
axios biden inflation supreme court roe v wade
pleases crown drink ale age conscription
anybody constitution definition shall not be inflinged
counterculture 1980 punk 2022 traditional family
biden savings stock market inflation recession gas blame putin
babylon bee world economic forum banner slips hydra logo schwab

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet r kelly epstein island be free man
tweet not smart enough people stupider than me
tweet gas stations bring down prices biden wh intern
facebook starting to believe white house wont say saved on 4th july barbeque

Quote of the Day

quote tesla anti social behavior intelligence world of conformists

Message of the Day

message first thing abuser expose cowards crazy unhinged unstable

The Debate Most People Fear

woman my body my choice babys body

There’s no debate that average Americans are less willing to engage in or express an opinion out loud about than abortion, mostly because they fear the wrath of one of the two extremes, who on the contrary, are VERY willing to state their opinions. Let me simplify this debate for you. I’m guessing everyone would agree that it should be illegal to kill a toddler, and all but the most strict religious people agree some kind of pre-conception birth control should be legal, which involves the precursors of a human being (i.e. sperm or egg cells). Both sides of the debate have firmly stated their opposition to government control of a person’s body (the Right–vaccine/mask mandates, the Left–abortion). So it really comes down to, where do people draw the line as to when another human being enters the picture and develops rights of their own? Some believe it starts at conception, some when there’s a beating heart, some when a brain & vital organs are formed, and then there are some who won’t even say human when the head is halfway out the birth canal. Whatever you pick as the dividing line is how you justify in your mind your political position on the abortion issue.

I don’t pretend to know all the answers, but the point is there will NEVER be agreement on that dividing line, which is why the Ruling Class particularly loves this issue.

mr burns divide and conquor plan working
tweets biden president unite country ultra maga taking away womens rights
tweet foster kids poverty disabled reason for abortions

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7 thoughts on “07-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Pro “choice” people justify the termination of human infants in the womb by dehumanizing them, characterizing them as “blobs of tissue.” Yet every viable human fetus is genetically a member of the human species. To destroy them while they are helpless to survive on their own is akin to pulling the plug on a patient in a coma whose prognosis is that they WILL recover within nine months. Both can be expected to become functional members of the population, if only no one decides that their recovery/gestation is too much of an inconvenience to those responsible for them.

    Moreover, a human fetus incorporates a unique combination of genetic traits from both parents, and those traits include a personality. The field of behavioral epigenetics reveals that:

    “In large part, personality is genetically inherited; it can be observed at the genetic level and it can occur for consecutive generations.”


    This means that that “blob of cells” is already a “person” in the sense that it has a genetic destiny to develop a specific, unique personality. Further experience, even in utero, will of course modify and influence that personality. But to kill that viable, genetically human individual, possessed of a nascent personality, is no more moral than if that child had already been born. ='[.]’=

  2. Just wanted to say thanks. Smiling and thinking all in one website. Thanks.

    (If you are really the NSA or the FBI fishing for victims, then ignore my previous statement and refer to my other emails about you.)

    • Thanks, Joe! And I’m sure the FBI & NSA have multiple staff monitoring this site on a daily basis. Say hi everyone! 👋

  3. I keep saying it… abortion is NOT about the baby body, brain and future.

    It is not about the mother’s body, brain and future.

    It is about the globalists. They need to “set the pick”, emotionally manipulate and harpoon, millions in order to succeed.

    Abortion, gay, trans, and so on, are all attempts to create a break in reality, a false new identity.

    Then the deceived fight hard to defend this false identity.

    Emotional manipulation is the heart of the matter.

    • Excellent post JUST ME 🙂 Globalists want to reduce human population in the world.
      Abortion helps that goal, so they support abortion.
      Gays can not have children, so Globalists support Gays.
      Fully Trans People can not gave children, so Globalists support surgical removal of children’s reproductive organs in the cause of “Trans movement”.

      This is not the realm of sanity, understanding and compassion.
      This is the realm of madness.
      Human created madness
      for the purpose of controlling the general population.
      We created governments for the purpose of protecting the general population.
      However the Globalist have seized a large amount of control in US and many other governments.
      We the people need to remind our government, on all levels, that they work FOR US THE CITIZENS, NOT THE GLOBALISTS.

    • Population control is the heart of the matter. The only viable possibility for population increase is normal (er, eh hem, excuse me, I mean “heterosexual”) couples having babies. Abortion obviously kills people reducing the population (or at least slowing it’s progress) and the LGBTQQICAAPPF2K+ alphabet gang can’t procreate. This is what the climate alarmism is all about also (“humans are evil, stop having babies that will destroy the earth”). The globalists need the population to decrease so they are doing everything they can to stop it from increasing first.

  4. World Economic Forum

    The propaganda: “You will own nothing, have no privacy and be happy.”

    The Reality: “You will own nothing, have no privacy and you will not be happy. The billionaire members of World Economic Forum will own everything, including you, and they will be very happy.”

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