07-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

mr clean erase people from your life
dad career day meme lord
cat carnival knock off table
government no constitutional amendment absolute 16th no income tax
supreme court epa legislative do your job
millions pro life wont have to listen pink anymore
joe biden tinman us oil no opec want
cross examing witnesses jan 6th shout speakers supreme court progressive democrat
fb fact checker eat bag dcks one sitting
babylon bee dutch government outlaws food curb emissions
dr evil guess shooter one of ours bury the story

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet mom 1000 piece puzzle putting together list nursing homes
tweet sharing dessert not part wedding vows
tweets cows misogyny yogurt bull taste not quite right

Quote of the Day

quote rothbard taxation is theft no acknowledged criminals state

Message of the Day

message democrats offering government programs reduce personal responsibility

Americans Are Starting to Figure It Out

graph gallup poll confidence in us institutions biden

Good Riddance to UK’s Head NWO Swamp Creature

boris johnson resigns uk

Lesson: don’t support a politician just because they’re in the party you like or has a label like “conservative” with their name. There are Mitt Romney’s and Liz Cheney’s in every country.

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5 thoughts on “07-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. There is an outstanding book “The Law That Never Was” that details in every state, exactly what went on regarding the “passage” of the 16th Amendment. Included are copies of all the documents from each state. What is quite clear is that many states altered the wording of the Amendment, did not pass the Amendment, and other things that either rendered their votes mute, or did not support the passage vote totals that were “offially” recorded by Wilson’s Secretary of State Philaner Knox. In other words, it is quite clear from the book and it’s extensive documentation that the 16th was never legally ratified. In the 90s, the author went on a hunger strike demanding that the Supreme Court look at his claims or that Congress look at his claims. Instead, both said that the other needed to take up the case and neither did. The author is in possession or all the original, state-certified copies of the documents, and no longer pays income taxes as a result of what he has been able to present in tax court. Following the hunger strike, which he abandoned, he was approached by Senator Orin Hatch and was offered $10,000 for the original documents which Orin claimed he would “safeguard.” He wisely refused. So not only is the 16th not “absolute,” it is most likely not even legal. But when has that ever stopped the criminals in the government?

    • Hence the reason I tell folks that impeaching him and Shamala is pointless as they’ll just be replaced by new puppets.

  2. The wizard of oz political cartoon isn’t accurate as Biden’s problem isn’t that he lacks a heart, instead, he lacks a brain.

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