07-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dont want kids watch horror movies omen exorcist
saved hundreds not going target toothpaste sign
daughter picture of family bicycles
democrats hillary presidential hopes kamala pete aoc
they live glasses liberal world order communism
build back better pinata bee hive
driving miss crazy nancy pelosi clarence thomas
mob nicknames al capone lucky luciano teflon don joe big guy biden
red wave democrats abortion gun issue jan 6th biden disaster
weapon used on abe double barrelled shotgun homemade

Don’t Worry, the Left Would NEVER Abuse Your Constitutional Rights Based on Your Social Media Posts 👌

ny social media check character conduct

Once Again, High Energy Costs – ALL PUTIN’S FAULT!

SCOTUS Be Damned, Biden’s EPA Plunges Ahead With Plans to Kill Coal

war on fossil fuel joe biden gas tax holiday flower
babylon bee democrats raise gas prices make kids trans bill

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet no one touts joe biden endorsement
tweet rights not gift from goverment teach kids
tweet conservatives didnt open fire families 4th july
tweet employer pay female kill baby more dystopian handmades tale

Quote of the Day

quote sowell amazing panic honest man causes

Message of the Day

message wish more people understood photo little fish eating shark

Lesson of the Day

lesson cliff claven norm buffalo slowest herd beer

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One thought on “07-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Joe Biden endorsements? I’m still waiting for ANYONE to trumpet how historical it is that Kamala Harris is the first US VP woman of color. It’s almost as if they’re afraid to, in case it turns out to be overturned. ='[.]’=

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