07-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dogs afraid of cats support group
restaurants formal titanic kitchen sponge bob
im an acquired taste if dont like
me highlighting parts constitution that matter yellow
sun looking at everyone wearing masks outside
us economy danger gas can flammable biden policies matches
hate racist capitalism book one way ticket china venezuela cuba
liberal world order killing national sovereinty
office sign biden liberal world order banning guns not coincidence
joe biden building economy bottom up waiting to reach bottom
woke lightyear vs minions
get brittney griner released over week maybe everyone usa

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet thanks sending email taken more time read than do
tweet if dont feel edible eat 2-3 more

Quote of the Day

quote bill gates epstein island trafficking

Message of the Day

message fact checkers thanks upside down world

How Much More Proof Do People Need?

white house denies biden teleprompter end of quote

There’s only so many denials, corrections, “what he really meant to say” explanations, and misdirections the White House staff can use. We have one of two situations, most definitely both: 1) A senile, incoherent president losing more mental faculties every day, and/or 2) A completely controlled puppet installed by the Ruling Class trying to stick to an ever-changing script. Something to think about is that Biden has been in politics for 50 years. In other words, he’s participated in THOUSANDS of debates, interviews, press conferences, and speeches. He’s not new to reading teleprompters, and he’s heard pretty much every kind of journalist questions possible. He’s had 50 years to study & rehearse answers on every controversial issue. There should be no struggle. The White House staff only loses credibility every time they dish out more gaslighting BS.

babylon bee joe biden i apologize latest teleprompter gaffe end apology

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