07-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

repost meme princess brid kidnap what ive rightfully stolen
sexual chocolate coming to america american idol
driving home work eat sleep do it again
chinese sweatshop workers tshirts
tornado important stuff dog biden hoodie
biden launching fuel prices agenda bring down
this is a woman gun is fishing pole
jethro beverly hillbillies genius compared biden
biden mainstream media will read anything put on teleprompter
gavin newsome joil us in california crime homelessness taxes
if you dont have ar15 dont get a say in regulating them
elon musk twitter exposed bots deept state tank value
pelosi kaepernick aoc joe biden bike accident

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Work and Job Meme Gallery

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet welsh women curse show screaming traditions
tweet michael jordan legacy lebron james cigars

Quote of the Day

quote robin williams ideas words change the world

More “Coincidences”

3 years ago trump putin japan usa russia world peace

Message of the Day

message real job not cleaning mess biden created one elected biden

Make it Make Sense

Biden Weighs Public Health Emergency For Abortion Access

biden crack down army slash pay refuse jab

Three-Star General Suspended for Comment to Jill Biden About Roe Response

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2 thoughts on “07-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. At what point does the willful destruction of the US military, the willful destruction of the food supply, the willful destruction of the energy supply, the willful enhancement of the power of our enemies over us as a result, etc become TREASON?

    • I think selling the draw-down of our Strategic Petroleum Reserve to China and India may rise to that level. The fact that part of the sale to China was to an organization with ties to Hunter should make it mandatory. Unfortunately, the Uniparty won’t do anything about it.

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