07-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cat steering wheel hit snooze too many times speeding
squirrels stop asking touch your nuts
well played target jaws missing arm
every day face reading news dude big lebowski
us petroleum reserves biden china fill er up
nancy pelosi stage 4 trump derangement syndrome
joe biden build economy bottom up empty pool economy
whats emergency someone telling truth facebook police
biden capable hands teleprompter end of line smile wave
hunter biden carry some pain pills joe bike
trump obama biden 2000 mules
jill biden married to pedo peter taco about it

Media – We NEVER Spin Biden Stories

Also the media…

atlantic hunter biden history guns drugs pregnancy help joe key issues

Anyone with Basic Economics Training Should Have Seen This Coming

flashback tweet ron paul inflation thin air excuses

Sharing a Brain

tweet zuby how every mainstraim musician celebrity have exact opinion every socioeconomic issue

Celebrity opinion is as tightly controlled as any in America, largely by groupthink and communist propaganda bombardment, of course, but more by the threat of total career blacklist & destruction for those who dare express an independent thought.

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet wont give up freedom bugs ped standar living pronouns normal
tweet gas prices scrub hanging out passenger side best friends ride
tweet biden oil crisis hunter ties trump peaceful protest probe

Quote of the Day

quote sorbo proud to be america disgusted by government

Message of the Day

message when you teach your son you teach your grandchildren

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