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Power Over Principles

Despite what most Republican and Democratic politicians say publicly on immigration policies, both are mainly concerned only with whether or not it will affect their political power. The perception has been that more Hispanics means more future Democratic voters, which is of course why Dems couldn’t care less about securing the border or enforcing immigration laws, and why Republicans throw the word ‘amnesty’ around to destroy any potential compromise on reform. But immigrants are no different than U.S. natives in that how you govern will determine if they support your political party or not. We’re seeing this firsthand demonstrated by President Select Biden, whose incompetence has managed to flip the traditional support:

Maybe politicians should concentrate on principles when setting their policies? 🤔 The vast majority of Americans agree on how immigration should be handled. That is, secure the border, crack down on illegal immigration, and streamline/increase legal immigration to help American businesses (who desperately need the workers) as well as unfortunate foreigners looking for a better life (and who are willing to work for it).

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