07-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

height son getting shorter phone
therapist special relationship man dog sit on floor
disney milking marvel sunshine skinny cow
high mortgage rates adjustable seen this one back to future
tiny insignificant thing i do joy hurts no one society we dont do that
decided buy twitter fascist elon musk liberals
nancy pelosi zelensky offshore boobjob
desk sale boomer bomb shelter
al capone chicago safer when i was in charge
signs hunter biden joe gets 10 percent shady deals
corruption seen in media iceberg havent seen
eat farmer table trucker vet peace cant afford biden
hunter biden vote for pedro pedo

The Only Jan 6th Items Americans Care About

happenings jan 6th 401k inflation gas taliban border supply chain labor

I Will Go Out On a Limb and Say These Headlines Would Be Different If Trump Was President

politico pay raises smaller good thing for workers
cnbc millenials to blame for sky high inflation

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet wife husband claning dogs spread legs
tweet customer service good apologizes things not my fault
tweet hear ice cream truck pms wine chocolate

Flashback Reminder

reminder joe biden crime bill millions prison what hunter did

Quote of the Day

quote diniesh paradox liberal tolerance not conservatives

Message of the Day

message like when dont have careful what i say right people

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