07-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

stress test spiders no treadmill huffing accurate
8675309 jenny mcdonalds no one laughed
parenthood welcome no conversation awkward limit american pie
teflon biden family wapo ny times cbs abc cnn hunter joe msnbc jill
npc liberal turn down ac power grid electric cars
gun owners watching stockpile apocalypse supplies
rage against judicial branch fox love all other parts our side
joe hunter biden repeat the line
war on russia infinity ukraine office sign here
teddy roosevelt presidents 1900 now biden bike crack
biden deserve two terms fraud treason smudge
jill biden cultural insensitivity no way jose
babylon bee elizabeth warren swat prenatal pregnancy center
air force one beg saudi arabia oil texas oklahoma less carbon footprint

The Only Jan. 6th “Insurrectionist” Whose Rights They Give a Shit About

jan 6th committee new york times fbi leave ray epps alone


White House Covid Response Coordinator, Dr. Ashish Jha, Advocates for Return of State & Local Mask Mandates

Fauci Re-Emerges from Covid Recovery, Again Advocates Universal Mask Mandates, Vaccinated or Not

mask mandate just until government says its safe muslim burqa
liberals conditioned love servitude masks mandates

China’s Economy Continues Deep Contraction from “Zero Covid” Policies

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet reveal your age video games channel 3
tweet myth younger generation ruder chair
tweet cats metaphor life kill u sleep smile

Quote of the Day

quote sorbo people flying american flag triggers you wrong country

Message of the Day

message if not help make it right stop complaining wrong

Gotta Protect Their Ruling Class Masters

What’s next, are they going to ban discussion of the Epstein/Maxwell client list?

woke reddit bans word groomer hate speech

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