07-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

wife explain kids couldnt have learned bad word from me
wish liquor stores rewards program free bottle
drug sniffing dog returning from hunter biden house
i knew it offended by redskins name washington part
taco in taco bell commercial kayleigh drive through
galaxy far away epstein maxwell client list government
white house inflation plan spending gasoline build back better
aoc smiling fake handcuffs arrest stunt
opec build back better biden harris beg lower expectations
flower clitoria male female scientists
pelosi zelensky thanks for doing laundry cash
jill biden keynote speaker pasta curried mayonnaise ethnix inclusion
us constitution evil gun rights states freedom media democrats rino booing
bidens video evidence prostitutes trump bad word decade ago eyes
brittney griner marked safe from hearing american national anthem
joe biden saudi arabia gas can

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet drinking wine bar warm up exercise
tweet mark gets password right is this wordle
tweet dc clown mayor upset illegal aliens sanctuary city shipments

Quote of the Day

quote proud scar on your heart lifetime lessons

Completely Planned and Intentional

tweet pavlich biden climate keystone energy advisor

Message of the Day

message accept biden democrats rinos undermine america everything makes sense wef schwab

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2 thoughts on “07-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Diesel prices soar yet US just EXPORTED record amount of diesel fuel? This is Bizzarro World.

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