07-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

scale take dogs out more walks
goal old person afraid take out public supersoaker
dont start corona beer dog shepard thundering lightning
save on taxes one easy trick tar feather collector
congress meddling kids term limits age limits career politicians
arrested at protest no you werent aoc omar
2021 vaccines my body my choice woman credibility
how pay off student debt work
nato eu members weapons supplied ukraine ending up on black market
lia thomas ncaa woman of the year
cancel culture aunt jemima uncle ben land of lakes progress
aoc handcuffs in the room with us now shrink

Message of the Day

message two party system road to el dorado stealing money pretending to fight

Even the Media/Tech/Hollywood Monopoly Can’t Help Him

Biden Job Approval Hits Another All-Time Low

Look inside the poll and you’ll see, as usual, it oversamples Democrats, which looks even worse when you consider in the general population, self-identifying Republicans now outnumber Democrats by 5+ points, the opposite of what it traditionally is. The sample is also of registered voters, not likely voters. Likely Voter polls are usually much closer to actual election results, whereas Registered Voters are usually off by 5-10 points. A shellacking is coming in November.

tax dollar help americans biden gotta get to ukraine

All Part of the Plan

tweet bassler biden declaring climate emergency

quote senator palpatine star wars once crisis abated lay down powers emergency

What Happens If Biden Declares a ‘Climate Emergency?’

European Union Calls for 15% Gas Consumption Cut for Member Nations

who wants to stop climate change germany biden europe who give up private jets

Climate Change & Global Warming Meme Gallery 2

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet being libertarian pedophiles chosen power blackmailed
tweet bassler hunter biden leak tech admin intelligence corporate media silent

Quote of the Day

quote proud to be american least i know im free

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4 thoughts on “07-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. I wouldn’t be too sure about the outcome of the mid-term election. There’s many people who will vote for democrats . Unions – especially teachers, government employees, university students and staff, anyone getting a government check for sitting at home doing nothing, UDA’s (Undocumented Aliens) who have a document (a drivers license not annotated “Not For Voting”) – quite apart from the possibility of real fraud via the vote-counters, human or electro-mechanical.

    Don’t sit back and assume that your vote isn’t needed – it is, if only to run up the total. The more precincts reporting more votes than registered voters, the bigger the stink that will be raised.

  2. Don’t hold your breath for the republicans you replace democrats with to suddenly return the country to the Constitution.

    We have seen more votes than registered voters before as well as people voting in alphabetical order and dead people voting, and after what we saw in 2020, don’t think a little anomaly is going to raise any eyebrows in the future.

  3. To the “sound off’
    See :
    Jeremiah 5:31
    Isaiah 3:4 & 12
    Isaiah 19

    This is Judgment from God.

    Isaiah 66:4

  4. Romans 1 starting at verse 21. America has been under God’s judgement for a while now, maybe it started out that way… Given over to babes and woman…that spirit has been functioning g in America the whole time… God is patient, and abundant in mercy, not wanting any to perish. Repent and choose life. The false light of this present world will parish, if you are found in the world, you will be judged with the world, but if you are found in Jesus you will be protected from the second death, because He conquered the grave already. The choice is yours and time is speeding up…

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