07-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

fat cat escorted out costco fistful samples
long winded text message feelings future k
toilet ask associate for demonstration
kicking device government free services taxes inflation
hunter joe biden gatherer bribes
flipping bird highly educated fully indoctrinated
vin diesel vin electric comparison
food court shooting defund good guys with guns
babylon bee right wing extremist martin luther king
liberal counter arguments democrats circular community police racist

Clown Show

tweets aoc faking handcuffs police bogus narrative

aoc warning sign no crisis actors permitted

Yet Another “Emergency” to Grab More Power

Biden administration considering public health emergency in response to monkeypox outbreak

princess bride you-keep-using-that-word-i-do-not-think-it-means-what-you-think-it-means

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet trump levine mcconnell
tweet matt walsh should be security camera classroom teachers saying to kids

Quote of the Day

quote chris pratt america voice blue collar not represented hollywood

Message of the Day

message if path walk through hell walk as though own place

Definitely All “Hate Speech” and “Misinformation”

Big Tech Is Coming After Conservatives – Sarah Arnold

Important line from the article: “Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and LinkedIn— censored information a shocking 144,301,713 times just during the first quarter of 2022.”

maga shadownbanned twitter reddit facebook youtube google censorship

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