07-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

god gifted talent humanity memes contributed
golfers people culinary school pizza bagel recipe
magic gathering tournament buttcrack posing
mechanic electric vehicle needs 15000 battery
tolkien rowling karl marx fantasy fiction writers
biden obama puppet dummy will do
americans drowning democrats january 6th
chelsea hillary clinton epstein air freshner
what is assault weapon liars want you defenseless dependent
next task define woman
democrats doctor polls protection biden shelter in place
babylon bee sports fans continue 24 year boycott wnba national anthem

Thanks for Confirming What We Already Know

dr birx admits she and fauci made up science lockdowns social distancing
reading 1984 how far into book before removing facemask

Just Stay Out of It

tweet rand paul npr told you so ukraine corruption

If only we had some instructive examples from history where America armed corrupt, evil regimes to fight an enemy? 🤔

The Government Way – If the Results Don’t Look Good, Change the Measurements & Definitions

whitehouse gov changing definition of a recession

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet ugly guys fine women laughing eyes closed
tweet superpower ruining kids life dishwasher between nothing
tweet nyc landlords no pets mice amenities

Message of the Day

message freedom taken away gunpoint one meaningless rule at time

Quote of the Day

quote randy savage enemies lift up body slam damage

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